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Finishing the Race:  Dieting Obsessions, Self-Criticism, & Insecurity Eat My Dust!     Coming Soon

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Women who struggle with insecurities about their body, commonly feel a continuous need to diet and condemn themselves.  In a woman-to-woman approach, Finishing The Race frees a woman from a self-condemning mentality, and ushers her to lovingly appreciate her body, and take care of herself in a healthy manner.  Candidly sharing sensitive experiences, such as food obsessions, childhood obesity, birth defects, distorted body image, teenage abortion, infidelity, suicide, and cancer, reassures a woman she is not alone.  

Victory Training is expanding its opportunity to touch more women’s lives through the book Finishing the Race and our new website: jyuccasfinishingtherace.com. Please visit us to find healthy suggestions on how to be free from crazy dieting obsessions, love and appreciate your body, and live with confidence.

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